iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro : faut-il passer au nouveau modèle et pourquoi ? (ou pas)


iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro : Faut-il passer au nouveau modèle et pourquoi ?

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro : Faut-il passer au nouveau modèle et pourquoi ?


Apple Inc. has released its latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro, and many customers are wondering whether it’s worth upgrading from the previous model, the iPhone 13 Pro. In this article, we will compare the two models and evaluate the potential advantages and disadvantages of upgrading.

Design and Display

The iPhone 15 Pro introduces a sleeker and more refined design compared to its predecessor. It features a bezel-less display with improved screen-to-body ratio and a smaller notch. The display technology also sees an upgrade with Apple’s new ProMotion XDR technology, offering a smoother and more responsive experience. However, if you are satisfied with the design and display of your iPhone 13 Pro, the upgrade solely for these reasons may not be necessary.

Performance and Features

The iPhone 15 Pro comes equipped with the latest A15 Bionic chip, offering faster and more efficient performance compared to the A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13 Pro. This enables smoother multitasking, improved gaming experiences, and better overall performance. Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro boasts an upgraded camera system with advanced computational photography capabilities.

Battery Life

With each new iteration, Apple aims to improve battery life. While the iPhone 15 Pro claims to offer better battery life compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, the difference may not be significant enough to justify an upgrade if your current device meets your daily usage needs.

Software Updates and Longevity

Apple provides software updates for its devices for several years, ensuring ongoing security enhancements and feature updates. While both the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro will receive these updates, the newer model may have a longer lifespan in this regard. If having the latest software updates for an extended period is important to you, upgrading to the iPhone 15 Pro could be a consideration.

Pricing and Value for Money

Lastly, one crucial factor to consider is the price. The iPhone 15 Pro is likely to come with a higher price tag compared to the iPhone 13 Pro at its initial release. If the available features and improvements in the iPhone 15 Pro are worth the additional cost to you, then upgrading could be a justifiable decision.


Ultimately, deciding whether to upgrade from the iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 15 Pro depends on your personal preferences, needs, and budget. If you are content with your current device and its performance meets your requirements, sticking with the iPhone 13 Pro might be a more sensible and cost-effective choice. However, if you desire the latest design, upgraded features, and software longevity, upgrading to the iPhone 15 Pro could be a worthwhile investment.

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